ePROMO – Bulk e-mail Promation And Date Management System

ePromo – Bulk e-mail promotion and Data Management System is a compact Package, designed to provide a sophisticated, state of the art web technology, aimed at bringing about total quality in Bulk E-Mail Promotion and Data management. The system focuses on excellent coordination between Corporation and Customers, making customer data management  scenario “a reality”. In the present day market, where customer is the king, this system corroborates the motto, of being “Customer Centric”.

ePromo – provides, online integrated information of Clients to the administrators, enablingtransactions with trading partners through seamless connectivity with robust security and privacy features. The technology, solutions and features are aimed at providing unlimited “scalability”.
ePromo provides end-to-end customer service operations and high level of efficiency in recording and information dissemination thus reducing errors.

Product Features :
  • Add, Delete and view new contact details.
  • Multiple companies, Multiple Profit centers and Profit center-wise information.
  • Automated search of contacts on various permutations and combinations.
  • mailing system sending 10,000 mails in just 30 seconds with 256 kbps internet connection.
  • Multiple users with connectivity from anywhere in the world.
  • Management information Reports Suitable for any Management having large number & volume of items and customers.
  • Guaranteed delivery of mails in the general mailbox not in span mail box if used on our web server space.